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The Hoover HL4 Pet is one other high quality upright vacuum cleaner from the corporate. It takes the principle know-how of the bigger HL5, together with an Anti-Twist ground head that received’t get tangled with hair, and a lift-out cylinder and places it into a barely smaller, lighter and cheaper bundle. Cleaning capability is excellent, though you solely get two instruments within the field, which is a little restricted.


  • Good worth
  • Excessive suction energy
  • Straightforward to maneuver round

  • KindThat is an plug-in upright vacuum cleaner, which has a detachable cylinder for simpler cleaning on stairs, automobiles and so forth.

  • EnergyI measured this vacuum at a highly effective 243AW, which suggests it’s fast to make use of handhelds instruments and sucks grime off the ground shortly on a single go.


Hoover continues to revamp its upright line of plug-in vacuum cleaners with this new addition. I’ve bought the Hoover HL4 Pet version on assessment, though there’s additionally a commonplace version that doesn’t have the mini pet device with it.

Gentle, simple to make use of and highly effective, that is a good commonplace upright vacuum cleaner, though it could have been good if the ground head might be used when the cylinder is eliminated

Design and options

  • Raise-off cylinder
  • Solely a crevice device and a pet device are within the field
  • Anti-Twist ground brush

The Hoover HL4 Pet is much like the HL5 Pet that I reviewed lately. Each look related from the surface, however the HL4 Pet is a contact smaller and contact much less highly effective, though that received’t make a lot distinction in day-to-day use.

This model of the vacuum cleaner comes with a pet device, which is beneficial for pet beds, sofas and different tender furnishings, alongside a crevice device. There’s additionally a commonplace model of the HL4, which comes with a crevice device solely.

Hoover HL4 Pet accessories
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There’s usually a £20 a distinction between the 2 fashions. Apart from instruments and hues, each variations of the HL4 are the identical.

As with the HL5, the HL4 comes with one in all Hoover’s Anti-Twist ground heads, which makes use of bristles organized in a V-shape to stop hair from wrapping round them. It’s good to see, as reducing tangled hair out of a ground brush is rarely enjoyable.

Hoover HL4 Pet floor headHoover HL4 Pet floor head
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This vacuum cleaner could be very easy to make use of. There’s a single rocket change, which turns the vacuum cleaner on and off, selecting both carpet or arduous ground mode. There’s no distinction within the suction energy, simply the pace at which the ground brush strikes.

Hoover HL4 Pet power switchHoover HL4 Pet power switch
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If you happen to discover there’s an excessive amount of suction, the wand has a vent that can be utilized to scale back suction energy.

Hoover HL4 Pet air ventHoover HL4 Pet air vent
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In its common mode, you simply tilt the vacuum cleaner again and begin pushing it round. At 5kg, this vacuum cleaner’s not significantly heavy, and I discovered it simple to maneuver round, because it’s properly balanced. There are additionally a couple of LED headlights within the ground head that spotlight darkish areas.

Hoover HL4 Pet lightsHoover HL4 Pet lights
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For spot cleaning, the hose or hose and wand might be eliminated, taking both of the attachments on the tip. With the wand connected, there’s room to succeed in up excessive, and clear across the ceiling; with simply the 2m hose, there’s sufficient attain and manoeuvrability to scrub close-up, comparable to round couch cushions.

Hoover HL4 Pet cleaning up highHoover HL4 Pet cleaning up high
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Your entire cylinder may also be eliminated by way of the foot change on the underside. With the ground head eliminated, the cylinder is less complicated to hold round for cleaning within the automobile or on stairs.

Hoover HL4 Pet with cylinder removedHoover HL4 Pet with cylinder removed
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It’s a disgrace that the ground head can’t be used on this mode, for getting proper underneath sofas. Solely Shark’s vacuum cleaners, such because the NZ860UKT, can do that with their Powered Raise-Away mode.

There’s a 1.2-litre bin on this mannequin, which is large enough to take a full load of grime from a mean home clear. The bin lifts totally out, with a button to open the decrease flap to ditch the grime. I may additionally open the highest to scrub out the bin.

Hoover HL4 Pet binHoover HL4 Pet bin
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There are two filters on this vacuum cleaner. There’s one beneath the bin, which might be eliminated and washed.

Hoover HL4 Pet filterHoover HL4 Pet filter
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There’s a secondary post-motor HEPA filter, which may also be eliminated and washed. Cleaning filters is a job that must be carried out often to maintain suction at most energy.

Hoover HL4 Pet HEPA filterHoover HL4 Pet HEPA filter
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  • Sturdy suction
  • Glorious cleaning on all surfaces

To check the Hoover HL4 Pet, I first measured its suction energy in AirWatts (AW). On the deal with, the vacuum cleaner returned a results of 243AW, which is barely a little behind the Shark NZ860UKT.

Hoover HL4 performance graphPerformance comparison bar chart of Hoover and Shark vacuum cleaners.Hoover HL4 performance graphPerformance comparison bar chart of Hoover and Shark vacuum cleaners.
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This energy degree is especially helpful when utilizing the crevice device, as extra suction means you possibly can choose up extra and from a great distance. Measuring suction distance, I discovered that this vacuum cleaner may take away rice grains from a distance of 3cm – that exhibits its energy for sucking up spills across the kitchen or getting grime out of these hard-to-reach areas in automobiles.

Hoover HL4 Pet rice suction test beforeHoover HL4 Pet rice suction test before
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Hoover HL4 Pet rice suction test afterHoover HL4 Pet rice suction test after
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Subsequent, I went for my commonplace carpet check, sprinkling 20g of flour onto the carpet. Giving the cleaner a go forwards and again by the flour, it left a clear strip within the center, though pick-up in direction of the sting of the top wasn’t nearly as good.

Hoover HL4 Pet carpet test dirtyHoover HL4 Pet carpet test dirty
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Hoover HL4 Pet carpet test cleanHoover HL4 Pet carpet test clean
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Giving a few swipes over the mess till the carpet regarded clear, I discovered that it had collected 97.35% of the mess; the remaining will likely be across the ground head or within the hose. Nonetheless, that’s a superb consequence that places this vacuum cleaner close to the highest of the desk.

Hoover HL4 Pet carpet test fully cleanHoover HL4 Pet carpet test fully clean
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Subsequent, I moved on to the robust edge check, sprinkling 10g of flour on the skirting board. Operating the Hoover HL4 alongside the skirting, it cleaned very properly, leaving simply a hint of a mess behind, which I tackled with the crevice device. Total, this noticed 97% of the mud collected into the bin.

Hoover HL4 Pet edge test dirtyHoover HL4 Pet edge test dirty
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Hoover HL4 Pet edge test cleanHoover HL4 Pet edge test clean
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I then sprinkled 20g of rice onto a arduous ground, after which let the Hoover HL4 Pet choose up the mess. No rice grains dropped again out and the vacuum cleaner managed 100% assortment.

Hoover HL4 Pet hard floor test dirtyHoover HL4 Pet hard floor test dirty
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Shifting on to my pet hair check, I combed cat hair into the carpet. Right here, the Hoover HL4 Pet was capable of take away the whole lot.

Hoover HL4 Pet pet hair test dirtyHoover HL4 Pet pet hair test dirty
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Hoover HL4 Pet pet hair test cleanHoover HL4 Pet pet hair test clean
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To check out the Anti-Twist functionality, I dropped strands of lengthy human hair onto the ground. Right here, the vacuum picked all of them up, with only one errant hair remaining after I switched the cleaner off; this disappeared with additional use.

At 71.3dB, the Hoover HL4 Pet is comparatively quiet; clearly, it’s nonetheless a loud system, however I didn’t discover the sound too intrusive.

Newest offers

Do you have to purchase it?

You need a properly priced vacuum that cleans properly

Slightly cheaper than its large brother, the HL4 has respectable suction energy and works properly on all surfaces.

You need extra flexibility

With solely two equipment within the field, some cleaners have a wider number of instruments for dusting and extra.

Ultimate Ideas

Slightly cheaper than the Hoover HL5 Pet, the HL4 Pet is a contact much less highly effective, though you wouldn’t comprehend it from its cleaning outcomes. Glorious pick-up on all surfaces make it a great cleaner, and it’s versatile, too.

The Shark Stratos NZ860UKT is a little extra highly effective and its Powered Raise-Away mode makes it extra versatile, but it surely’s a lot costlier. Alternatively, take a look at my information to the perfect vacuum cleaners for some options.

How we check

We check each vacuum cleaner we assessment completely over an prolonged time frame. We use business commonplace exams to match options correctly. We’ll all the time let you know what we discover. We by no means, ever, settle for cash to assessment a product.

Discover out extra about how we check in our ethics coverage.

Used as our primary vacuum cleaner for the assessment interval

Examined for at least a week

Examined utilizing instruments to measure precise suction efficiency

Examined with real-world grime in real-world conditions for honest comparisons with different vacuum cleaners


What equipment does the Hoover HL4 Pet include?

This mannequin has a crevice device and a mini pet brush.

Can you utilize the ground head when the cylinder is eliminated?

No, you possibly can solely use the guide instruments.

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